Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our First Two Kiva Loans

Great News everyone! Two separate $25 loans have been made.
(The AIKIP has $13 remaining to be lent in the next round because each loan has to be a multiple of $25)

The Ladies of Nahualate Village

This group of five ladies, who reside in the coconut sector Nahualate Village, San Antonio Suchitepequez were presented to the Association requesting a credit ASDIR pode starting a business, because in the situation where they were not responsive to the needs which were the simple reason that they did not have sufficient financial resources and this meant that they could not cover home that was generated as to what their husbands earn enough to monthly necessary to give their children and give them a quality of life. Which took the initiative to start a small business selling clothes, selling fruits and staples, and they see the need for a loan to continue with these businesses and the only way to improve living conditions for their families, are well known and honorable people in the community for their participation in activities, collaboration and especially for his responsibility in the community.

The Group of 15

The Community Bank "Los Esperanza Dos" is represented by Neli, and it is made up of 15 other members who sell vegetables, clothing, prepared foods, and provide public transportation as well as construction services. There is a great deal of competition in the market but the members are highly experienced and they know how to prosper their businesses, offering variety and quality in their products. The loan they have requested will be used as working capital to invest in their small businesses, to improve their earnings. This all translates into a better quality of life for their families, seeing improvements day after day. They are very grateful for the trust that has been given them and will work even harder than before. The members are currently on their first loan cycle but they have participated in groups before. They promise to give all that they have to prosper their businesses responsibly.

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