Monday, November 2, 2009

Mol Bulak Finance

Mol Bulak Finance

Gulmira is the leader of this group. Having been married for 17 years, Gulmira and her husband have raised three splendid children. The eldest son, 16, and the middle one, 14, go to school. The youngest is just one and half years old. Gulmira’s husband is a policeman. Gulmira works as a governor at the hospital. She has decided to apply for this loan to buy a new bedroom suite.
Mol Bulak Finance is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable development on the basis of 3-Ps concept - People (building human capital and taking care of its customers and the society as well), Profit (to be profitable to grow further) and the Planet (taking care of the environment). It is also the only MFI in Kyrgyzstan who delivers its services to customers 365 days a year. Click Here to learn more about Mol Bulak and view a Video presentation about the organization:

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